Membership FAQ

How do I become a member?

You can sign up online (purchase your membership, then create an account on the toy catalog site).  You can also sign up in person when you visit the library! Your membership starts on the first day you check out toys.

How much is a membership?

Annual memberships are $150; a 3-month membership is $50.

What does the membership include?

Your membership is for your family/household (not per kid, phew!). You can check out up to 4 toys at a time and you can keep those toys for up to 4 weeks. You are welcome to return them earlier, or renew them if no one is waiting for them. We will always be acquiring new toys to add to the catalog, and everything is available to all members.

I purchased a membership - now what happens??

If you opted in for an email receipt when you purchased, you can expect an email within 48ish hours with details about registering for an account on the toy catalog site.  Once you have paid and registered, you're all set to check out some toys.

How do we check toys in and out?

Come to the library during open hours!  Just like a book library, you can browse the catalog online, or come in to browse.

Why should we join?

You should join because you’re interested in sustainability and you think we might all have too much stuff. You want more ways to reuse and share!

You should join because you’re not sure what your child likes, and you find that they barely play with the things you have (and they asked for some of those things!).  Novelty and wonder are crucial parts of play, and more toys means more exploration.

You should join because young children fly through developmental stages, and the toys that are “appropriate” are always shifting based on their development and their interests.

You should join because you’re interested in supporting something unique, creative, and rooted in community good!